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Do What You Love


Community of people on a mission to change the world using technology.

More than just software

We solve real problems with technology. We are different by design.

We believe in:

People 🤝

Our people are our primary focus, not profit. We have a worldwide community of over 400 creative technologists. We believe in inclusivity and accessibility and want to enrich the lives of everyone in our community.

Transparency 🔎

Open-Source and Open-Kimono: we’re building dwyl for all to see! The vast majority of dwyl projects are written open-source. This allows code modules to improve and adapt over time allowing for a more robust and up-to-date application.

Looking After the Planet 🌍

We recycle and plan to be carbon neutral by 2018, but it’s not just the planet’s environment we want to improve. We love projects that have a positive effect on the world. Take a look at the kinds of project we love.

Organic Growth 🌱

We are growing organically, without investment, to be flexible enough to move in the direction our community takes us! Want to be a part of our growth.

Sound like somewhere you’d like to work?